Tuesday, April 26, 2011

About me

I am Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi, a Computer Application packages instructor from Kano city in Nigeria.
In the past 15 years, I have been involved in teaching at various levels from Nursery, Primary and secondary schools to Polytechnics and I presently  teach basic Computer application packages ranging from the MS Office Suite to Graphic and Web authoring packages. My students students range in ages from 10 to matured adults who come over to acquire Practical computing skills to improve their occupational
One of my biggest worries is lack of affordable and accesible training materials (books and software) that could be used in the preparation oif lesson materials.
Discovering OER has really helped  me have access to materials which i could copy, edit and adapt for my lessons without breaking any copyright law.
I have been  involved in the OER community through Wikieducator.Org and it has really expanded my horizons in terms of access to  educational material that are "free to use".
Living and working in a developing nation like Nigeria where the cost of books and other educational materials is nearly out of the reach of most peole, I believe OER is one of the solutions to improving the educational system.
The only drawback to OER in a country like ours is Internet access which is still on the high side costwise; but on the whole, having freely accessible materials is a real helpful

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